Overall Health


Chances are your body is lacking vital vitamins and minerals. Our spin on the classic Myers Cocktail will help your body achieve OVERALL balance. This IV drip covers all the bases as it replenishes essential nutrients and restores hydration, so your body can feel and function at its best.

Suggested Add-Ons

B12 Injection

B vitamins are the primary substances that get depleted when you drink excessive amounts of alcohol. Lack of B12 will cause you to reduce red blood cell production causing fatigue, decreased reaction time of the of the brain and nervous system and lack of balance with your magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium levels causing weakness and nausea. 

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This formula provides powerful antioxidants, B vitamins and Vitamin C that doubles as a multi-vitamin administered directly into the bloodstream. This infusion can enhance the immune system, reduce fatigue and can alleviate chronic pain.


B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc

Helps with

Chronic Depression
Chronic Pain
Hair & Skin Growth
Seasonal Allergies
Immune System
Optimal Wellness
Metabolic Functions
Replenishes Essential Minerals & Vitamins